7th Pillar: Value Added Services

Invest energy and time into things that matter to build strong relationships

Invest energy and time into things that matter to build strong relationships

Value Added Services takes the client experience above and beyond traditional financial planning or investment management services.

We don’t want you to be just clients of a firm; we want our clients to be proud advocates of our 7 Pillar Process as well.

Clients at The Integrity Wealth Group are not account numbers; they are partners and friends.

Ask My Advisor Program

A complimentary program offered to the family and friends of existing clients. They are welcome to contact us with their financial questions without having to become clients themselves.

Platinum Client Event

A social event exclusively for our platinum clients investing significant assets and advocating our 7 Pillar Process to their family and friends.

Client Appreciation Event

An annual experience to express our gratitude to our family of clients.

WealthVision Access & Support

WealthVision is a comprehensive and flexible online planning tool that provides a single dashboard view of all client assets with real-time values across multiple accounts.

Client Services Team

To enhance your client experience, our team of administrators is dedicated to facilitating the onboarding process and providing continual support throughout the client-advisor relationship.

Financial Decision Coaching

Learn what questions to ask, where to find the correct information, and make critical money decisions.